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So, lately I've been wondering what do do about my hair. Not so much about how to cut it, thought that's been on my mind lately too...but I mean how to wear my hair on my wedding day. Like everything else that is a part of this wedding, I have collected a folder full of pictoral inspriation! I start by collecting any and all pictures I like, whether they are possible or not. Then I can go through them again and find the ones that are easilly used, and the ones that can be altered to fit my event.

In the hair category, however, I'm pretty much stumped. See, I love my hair, I really do, but I wish that it was naturally curly, or at the very least could hold a curl. Because of this wish, all my favorite pictures seem to be ones like this one:

This is by far my favorite picture in my folder. However, my very straight smooth hair couldn't do this if you begged. Trust me, I've tried begging. However, I can adapt this! I looked at it and said, "what do I like most about this picture?" Besides the obvious love of the loose curls and the textured style, I realized I LOVED the flowers! So then I found options like this one:

Now this one would work in my hair! It is much more like my texture. Oh, a note about flowers: I'd be wearing them for the reception. I have veils for the ceremony :-)

That isn't my favorite style. I'm not entirely sure what I want, to be honest. I have lots of pictures of smooth buns, but those seem so...boring to me. I guess I want my hair to be elegant and beautiful, I'd love for it to be curly (for just once in my life!), but I also want it to be "me."

These are the things that I do know about what I want:

1) I want my hair up. I wear my hair down everyday, so wearing it straight, for me, is not special. If I had it down, I'd want it to be curly, but I'd be surprised if my hair would hold a curl (when worn down) for the length of the ceremony, let alone the entire reception!

2) Related to 1, I don't want it completely plastered with hair spray. The only times I have ever had semi-successfull curls were times that my hair was so stiff with hairspray that it was crunchy. Ew! Not beautiful bride!

3) While I want it up, I don't want it WAY up. I want my hair on the back of my head or the nape of my neck. I don't want it to add any height to my already 5'7"-before-'my-3-inch-heels self!

4) I'd love curls of some sort, although this is not as necessary as the other three. Curls are romantic, and to me, they are special! I know all the girls with curly hair who read this wouldn't agree with me, but when my hair is curled, it's a special ocasion. If I want to be pretty (and I do, it is my wedding, after all!), one of my first thoughts is of beautiful curls!

So, I don't think that's too picky...actually it must not be because I still have no idea what to do with my hair! I really need your help! I'd like to decide on this detail before too long because Michele, the amazing girl who married Dave's brother Wes 2 weeks ago, has agreed to do my hair for me, and I'd like to talk to her about it before school is done and I go back home! Plus, having time for a trial run would be nice, if she's ok with that.

Any ideas on my hair delimma? I'd love your help!
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  1. Becky Wunderlich Says:

    A great way to get fake soft curls is to start at the end of your hair with a a small chunk. take one finger( finger #1), and place it about an inch from the bottom. now, take your other hand, and with another finger(finger#2) flip the ends over finger #1. now, wrap your hair around both fingers by moving one finger over the other in a circular motion. When you get to the top, bobby pin it to your head. I in the past have used two bobby pin on each side of the loop for bigger curls. I usually did this with a pull back single pony tail, and made it branch out from there. I might have pictures somewhere, but Idk. if you need more help with this call me.

  2. Katie Says:

    What methods have you used for getting your hair to curl? My hair is super-super straight (NOTHING like Holly's!) and I've gotten really good results by gelling it when it's wet, letting it dry completely (usually overnight, but a hairdryer works too!), and then using a really hot curling iron to spiral curl the whole mess of it. Hairspray helps definitely, but not enough to make it crispy. The gel gives it enough texture & hold that it keeps the curl...and it's usually still curly the next day, even after I've slept on it.

    I usually pile it all up, and don't leave tendrils hanging because they tickle...but I've had decent luck with hanging curls that way, too.

  3. Melody Says:

    Have you tried hot rollers? If you get really thin hot rollers, they work really well (at least on my hair, which can old a curl okay). You have to get the tiny ones though, or it will just be a wave.

    I'm sure you will look gorgeous whatever you chose!

    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog. :)


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