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As of today, we have 100 days left until our wedding! It's crazy that it's coming up so quickly! That's only a few days over 3 months...when we got engaged we had 14 long months to go! It's amazing how fast the time has flown!

Last week, I was home for spring break. My main goals for the week were to finish--and send to print--the invitations; to look at bridesmaids dresses; to look at flower, cake, and decor options; as well as other general wedding planning.

I got the invitations done and sent to the printer (along with the RSVP cards, but I guess that's all included under the "Invitation" umbrella). We looked at bridesmaid dresses, and actually ordered all 4! One has even come in already! I went to look at silk flowers to see if they'd be an option. We didn't get much done on the cake front, unfortunately, and since decor isn't as urgent as other things, it's been pushed off to a later date.

But ever since the beginning of last week, my mind has been going overtime with wedding ideas and stresses. I've come up with numerous different food ideas, found decor inspiration, reconciled my ideal seating with the practical (at least in my mind...we'll see what the other ever-practical planners have to say about it), and thought through song ideas almost constantly. Even when I'm in class, I'm distracted by quaint images of icream cone-clutching children, watermelon slices, and blankets in the shade. I have 10 different idea lists in every imaginable place, becaus if I think of something I don't want to forget it!

I was hoping to run through a lot of these ideas this weekend, and possibly do something about some of them, however school obligations have come up (that I knew about, but didn't have in the front of my mind) and we'll see what all I actually get done.

How about you? Did your brain go over-time when you realized how close your wedding was getting? Or are you in the throes of it now? How do you stay focused on everyday tasks with something as interesting as a wedding on your mind?
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  1. At less than 100 days, my mind was swimming. I had a bridesmaid tell me she couldn't make the wedding, my MOH tell me that she couldn't make the rehearsal and wouldn't be arriving in the town until about an hour or two before the ceremony. That broke it for me, because I needed to have somebody there with me to keep me calm and rational. I told her she was still a bridesmaid but that I needed someone to be at the rehearsal and the dinner to be my MOH. It didn't go over too well. But it had to be done.

    I drove to the venue and locales every few weeks to pound out the details of flowers (in and out, 15 minutes) and cake (30 minutes) and other things. I was a pretty laid back bride, all things I dealt with considered. I only freaked out (and went bridezilla) the week beforehand, and that only lasted a day or two (ok, maybe three). Once I got to the rehearsal, I was as cool as a cucumber.

    Mostly though, at the end of the day, the details of the wedding took a backseat because really, all that mattered was that I love Tim and he loves me (and at the end of the day, no matter what went wrong, we were going to be married).

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