me, rachel
Sometimes when I'm frustrated, or upset, or just plain stressed, it helps to go for a walk with my camera. Sometimes meaning this weekend, because I didn't own a nice camera until recently. Frustrated, upset, or stressed meaning all of the above, and for illogical reasons. What can I say...I'm female. But that had nothing to do with it. At all. I refuse to blame negative mood-swings on my gender, that simply encourages stereotyping.

But seriously. I felt much better. There's just something about fresh fall air and run down chicken coops.

This is my wonderful daddy...who did his very best to make his irrational daughter feel better. Love you daddy!

See? The magical combination of fall air, focusing on something outside myself, and the smiling face of my father helped melt the stress and frustration away!

(all images have been photoshoped...unfortunately they were green SOOC (straight out of camera). i am sorry. i will try to do better next time.)
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