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So, I'm 20, right? And I'm engaged. Apparently a lot of people think that's awfully young to be getting married. Maybe for some people it is, but for us, it's just right. And I don't appreciate being looked down on because I'm young. I know tons of people who got married young and made it work wonderfully!

Rant over.

Anyway, I've been looking for wedding dresses, and I'm having this problem (besides being the most indecisive bride of all time, that is): I don't want to look too young. I am drawn to the more "princessy" ball gowns...partly because that's what I've always envisioned and partly because they're just plain pretty. But because I'm so young, I'm afraid it looks like I'm just trying to play dress up. Then I'm also drawn to the sleeker, more fitted ones...the ones that show that I am grown up, and maybe even make me look older; at least more sophisticated.

What do you think? Does it look like dress up? I think all the dresses are equally "bridal."

Here's some examples.

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  1. For me, personally, I had to go with a dress that fit my body type (us heavier curvy girls have a harder time finding a nice dress). I picked an A-line dress since I knew that it would accentuate my body type without making me look too big or too dress up. I guess what it comes down to is what you want in the dress. For you, I tend to like the fitted ones better, just because you have the frame to support them--that's just my opinion of the dresses I've seen.

    As for being young, I think that it's "expected" for young folks to meet and greet, date/court and then get married. Especially in small town Christian colleges (I don't know if Cedarville is anything like Calvin but...the senior scramble still exists at Calvin, at least subconsciously). For those on the outside, i.e. at church and highschool, etc, they just don't know/understand the culture of these places.

    Try not to let them get to you.

  2. Emily Says:

    I am Abby Wight's mom. As to the age thing, I got married 9 days after I turned 20. We have been married 34 years. The important thing to remember is to put Jesus 1st in your life and marriage. It is a commitment you make to each other and the Lord. Sometimes it's wonderful and other times you wonder why did I marry this guy? Ask the Lord for His direction for everything in your life and if you follow it, you can't go wrong.
    God Bless You
    Emily Jo Wight

  3. rachel Says:

    Aww thanks Mrs. Wight! I'm not too worried about my age...other people are ;-) But since I'm not marrying what! Haha I did finally decide on my dress, and it doesn't make me look younger. It is quite sophisticated if I do say so myself. I'm excited about getting married young...more time for Dave and I to be together!

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