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Today begins a long weekend. I love long weekends. They are weekends, and they are long. Which is basically self-explanitory, isn't it? You'll have to forgive me. I've been feverish.

This long weekend is extra fun, because it's a school holiday (for me) but it's also a work holiday for Dave! This means that we can go home to my family and actually enjoy a full-blown Labor Day long weekend! I love going home to see my family; there is very little in this world that will make a girl feel more special than going home to her parents and sibling who actually miss her :-)

They spoil me when I come home, too!! For example, in emailing with my mom about this weekend, she asked if there was anything special I wanted from the kitchen! Yay homemade food! So I'll get real beef and warm casserole and maybe even soft, warm, homemade bread!! And I'll bet my buttons that there will be homemade cookies; and lots of 'em!! I love homemade cookies. They are my kryptonite. Except that would imply that they are a bad thing, and they're not. They are a very, very good thing. I would live off cookies if I could. And I do, sorta. Except not at all. Which is sad.

But getting back to something somewhat interesting, I am super excited to go home! I love seeing my family. I'll get to tell my dad all about my awesome Old Testament class and how even in an OT class I have "Jesus" written on every page of notes! And I'll tell my mom that I was sick this week and she'll say "oh honey" and give me sprite and saltines. And Hannah will pretend that she didn't miss me and will make faces at Dave. And Sarah will be super glad to see me because she's going insane being stuck in the house all day every day (she and Hannah haven't even started school yet! Ridiculous!) And Jacob will show me all his new favorite calendar quotes and tell Dave all his best new jokes.

Yes, I very much like going home!
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  1. mary Says:

    Glad you get some family time.

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