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I have blue lips. And blue teeth. And a tongue the vibrant cerulean of a highlighter. Yay snow cones!!

I just came from the first of a long series of remotes that our student radio station, Resound, is doing to help kick off the school year. It is called "Destination Dorm." I think it's pretty sweet...basically the idea behind the promotion is that the station got a wicked awesome new truck this year, and they wanted to be able to drive it on the sidewalk.

Or maybe that's not the idea behind it. But its a fun idea anyway. Maybe the actual reason was the best way to reach the students is to go to them instead of asking them to come out for something else. So they take their wicked awesome new sweet truck and drive it right up on the sidewalk in front of one of the dorms, then blast music and play games and draw on the sidewalks and give away free food and gift cards and stuff.

Radio rocks!
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