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So, today is April first, also known as April Fool’s Day. I am glad to report that I have yet to be silly-stringed, short-sheeted, or TP’d. I am sad to report that I did not have Jello in my cup instead of juice, or dirt for desert. Aww I miss being a little kid! Mom used to do those for dinner on April Fool’s Day…along with mini hamburgers made of vanilla wafers and colored frosting, and shoestring potato chips. Best dinner of the year!!! Woo!

Nevertheless, (has anyone else ever noticed that nevertheless is the single coolest word in the English language? It’s like three words all sandwiched together!!) today is still April Fool’s Day. Normally, I live in unit 30. Today, when I pulled out my key to enter my unit, the door said 10! Then, upon opening the door I reached for a chocolate covered strawberry (ooo I know, we have a swanky unit!) but they were rather closer to the floor than I remembered. Apparently, Becca and Olivia took the time today to switch the 1, 2, and 3 on units 10, 20, and 30. Then, they flipped all the furniture in our lounge upside down, and even went to all the trouble of taking the table cloth off the table containing the chocolate covered strawberries, laying it out on the underside of the table, and neatly arranging the plates etc. on top again!

Also, my crazy-awesome-liberal-roommate Kim and I rarely keep our door locked (shh…don’t tell the RD), but there was a note on it today that read: “Rachel: Trust no one. Keep the door locked!” So I obliged. Except right now its unlocked because I’m in the room…and I feel it would be rather difficult to pull the sort of prank the girls in unit 30 are famous for with me in the room. Just a thought.

Keep enjoying the spring weather, and watch out for Vaseline on the toilet seat and Icy Hot on your deodorant. Or Vaseline on your deodorant and Icy Hot on the toilet seat. Or X-Lax in your sandwich. Yeah, watch out for that.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    And watch out for friends pulling pranks on Facebook... like fake engagements... yeah.
    Love reading your blog sweetie :-)

  2. I didn't pull any pranks, but my husband wore a full 3 piece suit into work today. Doesn't sound too prankish, huh? Well, he works as a cashier at a well known bookstore...let's just say customers and certain managers alike did not know what to do... :) Thankfully the pranks it looked like you had were (more or less) harmless, so that's good.

    Nice blog, I have to say I adore the layout quite a lot.

  3. haha I love being known as "crazy-awesome-liberal"

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