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This weekend, we went to the church where we will be having our ceremony. It is Dave's church (mine used to be a school, and isn't built very well for weddings!) back home. We signed the contract (finally), and looked at the sanctuary, the other rooms we'll be using, and the decorations they have available. This was the first time my mom's really been there, so it was really good for her to see everything. I had no idea what all they had available, and thankfully they do lots of weddings, and have lots of decorations that we can use for free! However, I've hardly spent any time thinking about the ceremony, because the reception takes so much more effort (it's a shame, because really, while the reception is longer, the ceremony is more important!).

So, basically, I need your help! This is the sanctuary:

It's currently decorated for Easter. The whole stage will be cleared off for us, meaning the chairs, the modesty rail, the communion table, etc.

These are some of the decorations availiable:
They have flowers in every imaginable color that we can decorate the stage with, as well as pew bows and holders, tulle, white Christmas lights, and so much more I don't even remember. However, I think this is my favorite part:

Actually, my favorite part would be those rectangular beams lying on the floor there between the pillars. Those make a frame that can go over the pillars. As all my favorite ceremony pictures have been of Jewish weddings and their huppas, or canopies, I love this idea!

Here are some of the ideas I have:
This is a huppa. Yes, we are Christian, but there is nothing that says I can't borrow the lovely idea of a canopy for my own wedding! Symbolically, it stands for the home that the couple will build together.

I'm trying to decide if I want to use the basic white puffy pew bows that the church has, or if I want to come up with something of my own. Ideas?

OK, now I need help! Even with these few ideas, I have no idea what to do! I've spent little time dwelling on the decor of the ceremony, and many of the inspiration pictures I have are of outdoor weddings! What have you seen done that worked well? What did you do? What do you think I should try? I could really use the advice!
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  1. I had buckets/pots of flowers on the steps leading up to the church and into the sanctuary. Very simple, but also very pretty.

    The church itself was bigger than our wedding guest list, so we only decorated the first half (if that) of pews and things, to save on money. I bought all the ribbon and things cheap at Hobby Lobby (I was their best customer for about two months; coming in every few days for more supplies).

    If you like the stuff the church has, by all means use those. The church where I got married was very gorgeous on its own, so I felt little need to make it much prettier, so I just added a few things to make it "less harsh" (meaning not decorating at all).

  2. Brittani Stapleton Says:

    I see nothing wrong with borrowing from a different religion.. It looks pretty and it does have a meaning behind it. PLUS I think it would make for less decorations on the actual stage, which will save money. ;)

    As for the flowers, just because your colors are different, doesn't mean that you can't have a few different pops of color here and there..
    So I would use the flowers the church has to offer, and if you want more of one or the other, buy your own, it's cheaper, and less hassle.. :D

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Where did you get this Huppa From? It is beautiful.

  4. me, rachel Says:

    It was from a featured wedding on the Knot. :-)

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