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When Dave and I went registering a few weeks ago, I got totally stressed out. We spent way too long in the store, and I way over-thought things, and then changed everything online that night anyway!

And we only got through the kitchen. Correction: mostly through the kitchen. We didn't even register for everything we needed for that one room.

Now, before you go off thinking I'm a crazy lady, let me just say that the store we were in was quite small, and had an extremely limited selection. Which would actually make it easer for most women to decide.

Now you can call me a crazy lady.

Anyway, our excursion of several weeks ago is not my topic today. Today my topic is kitchen towels.

Mom sent me an email yesterday asking where I registered and specifically what color(s) I wanted in my kitchen. We had decided on awesome black and white dishes, but we tend to be pretty colorful people and mom needed a color for something. Unfortunately, the towels that the store we registered in were tan. Actually, they were called latte, which is a fancy word for expensive coffee and tan towels. Here's a picture:
So, this evening, Dave and I got on the internet and browsed the sites of the stores we are registering at, looking for exciting towels (to-be-weds are an odd group...for a month our idea of "quality time" was sitting in his cubicle after dinner and browsing for dishes on his computer).

I found these at Macy's, by Martha Stewart:They also come in a bright red. These I love. They are such a pretty color, and then Martha Stewart has a whole line of kitchen products, so I could accent with a blue spatula or bright mixing bowls, and have it all still match! I like matching. So we added them to our registry.

One big, ugly oozy problem: these towels (and the matching striped ones) are it! In the blue, there is no oven mit and no pot holder, and there are no wash cloths for neither blue nor red.

That's a problem. Then not everything will match!

So we unadded them to our registry, and continued to look elsewhere.

We ended up with the red version of the origional Latte towels. While they're not vibrant, Martha Stewart red, they still work, and have all the necessary pieces.

I just don't love them. Is that weird that I want to love my towels? I guess it's my house, and if I get to pick the way it look I really want to pick the way it looks! I don't want to settle for just OK.

Honestly, what I would love would be some light pink towels, to match my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I don't want a whole pink kitchen, but the stainless steel/chrome appliances we've already registered for as well as the black utensils and the black and white plates would look nice with a small amount of pink!

Two problems: one, I can't find pink anything anywhere. I don't want a pink toaster or refrigerator or anything, I'd settle for a pink towel set! Two, I promised Dave I wouldn't decorate his house in pink. But I think I can justify this one with the mixer color that he chose for me!

Any advice? We're currently registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's, an we're planning on registering at Target. Our kitchen badly needs color, and I don't know where to look!
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  1. David Says:

    :( I'm sorry it stressed you out so much! :( I wish it could be nice and easy! I wish we could find the pink you need... There is always the concept of mixing things up again, but that would defeat the purpose of matching wouldn't it...

  2. Katie Says:

    You're going to hate me, but my advice is "don't sweat it." You're going to end up with several sets of towels (I mean, even I have a lot and I hardly ever do anything in the kitchen) and you can pick different colors over time. And not everything has to be on a registry--if your mom is the one shopping for towels, give her a picture of the mixer you're trying to match and tell her you want pink towels. She can shop around for herself, and then experience the satisfaction of finding exactly what she knows you want, even if it isn't on a registry!

    Also, randomly, I love how grammatically correct your blog is. It's something I truly appreciate...

  3. rachel Says:

    Haha thanks Katie! I think the grammatically correct-ness is an occupational hazard of being a journalism major :-)

  4. Jen Says:

    haha... I read this post and couldn't help but think of us before our wedding. Registering stressed us both out way more than we had anticipated! It just was sooo overwhelming! But it all works out in the end... and just remember, you can always return/exchange things if it doesn't quite work for you once you actually start setting up house (that was the best thing about BB&B in our opinion-- easy returns) We registered there, Kohls and Target (Macy's is a really good choice too!) And register for fun random stuff too just to keep the whole process fun (Andy registered for all the Star Wars dvds that he didn't have yet. HA) Keep up all the great work you two... it will be here before you know it!

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