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Our wedding is not going to be formal. Dave and I aren't formal people, for one thing, and so we liked the idea of a more fun, laid back wedding to really show our personalities. We knew we wanted every aspect of this wedding to make people go "Oh! That's so Dave and Rachel!" I'm still looking for some elements that fit us this well, but the invitations were easy!

Since we wanted a laid back feel, I knew we couldn't go with the standard calligraphy invitations printed in white and ecru; we needed something fun! So, I turned to my favorite source of inspiration, Google Images, and googled "wedding invitations." Naturally I got tons of pages of results, and as I looked through them, I saved the ones that looked kind of fun for my own future reference.

Then, I stumbled across these gems:Not only are they fun, they're whimsical, adorable, laid-back, and oh-so us! They are designed by a gal named Holly Hatum at Teardrop Weddings. I would totally encourage you to check them out, because the adorable designs will give you warm fuzzies inside.

One thing I did know about my invitations going in was that I wanted to design them. I am in the graphic design program, and how adorable would it be to be able to say that I designed my own wedding invites? So, using these, ideas about us, and tea as inspiration, I've begun designing my own!

And it's so much fun!
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  1. Jen Says:

    Absolutely LOVE these!!!!

  2. David Says:

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished product hun!

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