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I hated coffee. Despised it. It was bitter and nasty and made out of grounds which is where dirt comes from which made sense because coffee was basically watered-down mud. Unfortunately, the older I got, the more my friends began to enjoy the stuff, and the more often "talking" meant "Starbucks" not "sleep over." As you can imagine, I was devastated.

After several of these coffee chats, however, I started wanting something to sip, so I asked my wonderful boyfriend Dave to order me something that I might like (read: no coffee). So, he ordered us one of these to share:

A white chocolate mocha. The first time around, I didn't really like it...but I didn't hate it either. So, the next time we ended up getting coffee, Dave ordered it again. It was slowly growing on me.

Before too long, I really liked them! The chocolate was my favorite...I still often said that there was too much coffee and not enough chocolate...but what can a girl do? Then, we all went to college and Starbucks was a once-a-year treat because we had no extra money.

When I got to Cedarville, I started drinking the mochas at our coffee shop, Vecinos.

They were really yummy! I liked the way some baristas made it better than others...especially the one guy who made it taste mostly like chocolate, with the espresso (since that's actually what it is, not coffee) seemingly thrown in as an afterthought.

Now, I'm at home again without Vecinos (which, actually recently changed names to something that I can't recall right now so I'll just continue to call it Vecinos) and without cash to hit up Starbucks. Luckily for me, McDonnalds has decided to cut in on this who specialty-coffee trend, and came out with a small line of specialty coffees, and at college student prices no less!

Yum. Of course, I still have no cash. So, I still only treat myself to a "real" (read: someone else made it) mocha every once in a while. Now I make my own. I'm still trying to find the perfect best one involves melting chocolate chips, but it always leaves solid chocolate in the bottom of my mug that is very hard to clean up. Oh well...I'll keep looking! Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Do you have an amazing mocha recipe that is hiding from me? I would love it if you did! I mean I would love it if you shared it. If you kept it hiding it doesn't do me much good...but I bet you're happy! But yes, I should go to bed before this makes even less sense :-)
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  1. David Says:

    I have your secret Recipe!

    It's called have your Fiance take you out and buy you one ;)

  2. rachel Says:

    I like that recipe!! Hehe but that gets expensive!

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